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  1. Hows your revision going??? I can't cope! =/ xxx
  2. Errmm I got rather (stupidly) drunk and was a bit rude to some friends...think I kinda ruined their weekend. Was meant to be going to see them in Bristol this w/e but not going now, so nah it's not really sorted :/ :L never mind haha ooh that's not good! You'll be okay as long as you blitz the revision today and tomorrow! I'm almost finished writing all my revision notes an that so hopefully come midday tomorrow I will just need to read over them and that it's all I've done today!! I think I need to get a life Haha how has your day been?? Xxx
  3. Ahh sorry, been preoccupied with revision and had a really really really bad weekend :s But no, I've not had or got any other exams except terrified...only started gender revision today.... :/ Sociology is about loads of stuff tbh...cross between geography, history and psychology I guess.The first thing we did was families and households and education, so socialisation of children, gender roles in school etc, and the exam we just had was on global like aid/debt, war and conflict, urbanisation, globalisation....all different things in different cultures...its really interesting xx Hope you've had a good week!!! xxx
  4. Hmmmmmm just home from the sociology exam....I thought it went okay at the time, but I have just realised I missed out quiiiite a bit! Ahh well I think it went reasonably okay! x
  5. Thankyou Revision is going okay....there seems to be about 17million pages to learn but its okay, hopefully can get a B
    And yeah maybe but I very much doubt it as I left so many questions with just a few workings out. Just hoping for method marks

    Anyway, best get away from the computer, it's so distracting

    Have a lovely day xxx
  6. Haha yeah. I'll be retaking it in June. Well done I had maths this afternoon....worst exam i've ever had, literally ever. Came home in tears haha. Ah well I tried my best. Just finishing my sociology revision now, exam is on Friday afternoon hope you had a good day xxx
  7. It's not too bad. And I'm definitely not brilliant. I'm retaking psya2 in June I think because I did no revision for it last year and got a C :s need a B. Good luck with it! Yeah Wednesday afternoon is maths and Friday afternoon sociology. Urghh. I only just woke up too...I love Tuesdays :L xxx
  8. It was aggression-group displays Wasn't too bad but I woke up at 7 to do some last minute revision for it.....after getting to sleep at 4....I was surprised I got any marks tbh

    Yes, I definitely agree there, evolutionary is the worst. It's because it's just common sense and you write about 3 lines and youre done. I'm dreading a big question on that!!!! Well, I don't think they can just take it out as we don't like it
    I bet secretly, they look on here to find out what people would hate the most, then they ask questions on that That's my theory if I don't do well anyway..... :P xxx
  9. I GOT AN A IN A MOCK PSYCHOLOGY ESSAY TODAY. Yesssss! Just thought I'd let you know Hahah, hope you've had a good day xx
  10. Haha me too
    Well I have my own bathroom at home so I'm really not up for sharing next year!!!
    Haha I eat majorly unhealthily too but I don't like the idea of it being like school-dinners!!!!

    Yeah exaclty, hopefully it'll work in my favour!
    Right, I reeeeealllyyy need to go to bed! It's so late !!

    Niiiight xxx

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