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  1. Yeah I do really love it. Youkinda have to as it's such a popular choice. I know a lot of people taking it because they think it's easy. Does my head psychology a bad reputation.
    Well I want self-catered en-suite but I'd give up s-c if i absolutely had to...I need an en suite But Leicester is 70% catered and only about 20% of rooms are s-c and en suite!! So annoying. You??? xx
  2. You'll get one don't worry And let me know when you do
    Yeah I'd love to do that too, but theres such a lack of jobs.....ahahhhaah and I'm the same....farrr too much CSI giving me career ideas! (Miami all the way)
    I think the visit day is Feb 26th the deadline is May but I want to firm it before the accommodation services open on March 1st
    Aw thanks,,,,,,though I disagree, maths is ridiculously hard :'( xx
  3. Okay so now I'm more jealous! You live in London too?! **** you
    Yeah it's majorly competitive, but with medicine they're always aaaages replying so I wouldn't worry about it! I've got a friend doing medicine at Nottingham
    Yeah it's really good for psychology, I've not seen the place yet though so gonna go see it before I firm it Else it'll be Reading Errmmm well clinical ideally but again, majorly competitive. I'm interested in educational, forensic and counselling psychology too though so keeping my options open for now

    I actually love maths it's just really hard. I wanted to a psychology with statistics degree but you have to get an A at A level maths xx
  4. Exactly
    I'd kill to go to UCL, or anywhere in London but my grades wouldn't quite get me there!!!
    I really love it, I've been doing it for 4 years now so hopefully it'll be just as good at uni!! Well I want to go to Leicester (ABB) I think but Bournemouth (BBB) is more realistic and will be my insurance But hopefully I can get my maths up to a B!!! x
  5. I thought it's probably easier to talk via this! Oooh get you, medicine hey?! Where you hoping to go?? Ermm yeah I have for psychology (common, I know!!!)xx

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