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  1. :console:

    If you ever feeling low, remember I'm always here and up for a chat :hugs:. But I do have my days where I go swirling down to the depth of despair lol so there are days where it gets tough for me as well
  2. Hey

    Just got off from a horrible day yesterday. Going to get some food whiles lurking on TSR for random threads to read (and to troll if possible :teehee:)

    How about you? Hope you're doing fine :hugs:
  3. :hugs:
  4. Tell me you're joking with the North Korea flag.

    Seriously, what do you have that up for?
  5. So clearly you have no idea about gpu's as you think hardware age and performance are unintelligent and stuck up comments. Sorry, but it is simple numbers. Your gpu is poor for modern games and if you can't handle that either buy a new one or don't bring it up.
  6. a) It will be running low spec multi-platform games
    b) They won't be good settings. Your resolution is hideously low and your AA setting won't even be near what it has to be to compensate for that. You won't run DX11, you can't run most DX10 options, and I am going to presume you use XP so you won't even be running DX10, but DX9.

    There is nothing wrong with having a dated gpu, but don't cry when people point this out.
  7. Eh? You think that saying that a 5 year old graphics chip is being a prick and a snob? No. That gpu is extremely dated and weak - it was even weak when it was released. If you can't handle facts like this then you shouldn't be on the internet.
  8. What the heck are you on about? Also you may want to clear out your inbox so people can PM you rather than having to post back and forth on your wall.
  9. What? :confused:
  10. :hugs: you tight.

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