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  1. Same and a little nervous about them, I ain't properly lifted in a while due to have no cash :\
  2. Hows it going?
  3. I will do someday soon :yep: it's not that I don't have confidence (I think I'm average looking), it's just all the creeps on the internet that could find it :puke:

    Yeah, I think the attraction of the "blonde bimobs" have worn off a lot for guys :lol:
  4. nah, maybe one day :lol:

    Although you may be disappointed that I'm not blonde, I'm brunette
  5. ahhh, fair enough :lol:

    You do!! In your own time
  6. Damn, you got me

    haha, how come?
  7. Hey, check out this thread and show and interest:

    They are taking on fewer people now though
  8. Ta, sorry about the late reply
  9. Haha everybody loves a chicken burger, even vegetarians secretly.

    No I haven't seen the before pics, are they on your profile? Ta I was going to check out your blog thingy, I'll defo come to you for any advice

    Nice, what year you in at medical school and where you studying?

    I used to play vollyball, basketball and rounders but couldn't really fit it all in. I am thinking about rejoining basketball fo sho. You played any sports?
  10. You should be proud of yourself and of course it is shumin special. Yeah I used to be fitter but kinda let it slip once I quit sports and stoff so decided to change that. I love the exercise part it's just eating healthily that I sometimes struggle with.

    From what I hear you are also pretty smart haha, are those rumours true?

    Oh yeah I was crazy bored and I will do anything to avoid revision so went through all the societies, I totally have a life you know. I look really sad now compared to most others who only belong to a few but don't judge haha

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    trying to improve my body and lifestyle after years of neglect!
    Strength training
    Sports medicine
    Improving my body
    Today is my tomorrow, it's up to me to shape it, to take control and seize every opportunity.
    The power is in the choices I make each day.
    I eat well, I live well.
    I shape me..

    At first some of you will get into fitness just to look good, but it becomes much more than that.

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