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  1. Lucky for me I suppose they gave me that offer. They might of lowered it because I did lots of work experience? I don't know.
    Well done again and good luck with the retakes You're dead set on Nottingham then? And yeah, after university no one will care about our GCSEs and A-Levels. I don't know if that's a relief or annoying after we worked so hard on them. What about the remark? Is it definite that you won't be going this year?
  2. Kalishka
    Cont... Hopefully I can reapply for Nottingham, retake F321 in Janurary, gain 4 marks over my previous C (had an A in the mock but got lazy because it was my first exam and i'd breezed through GCSEs), get given an AAB offer from Nottingham, and be accepted when I get my results back that's the plan anyway.... If not then I'll be retaking F321 again in June, along with F325 (which was just an unlucky paper and that's what brought my mark down) and then go through all this results stress again next August By the way, I had a look in their prospectus, and they've increased the usual offer from ABB-BBB to AAB-ABB they must be freaking out after the massive boom in applications this year.
  3. Kalishka
    Thank you I'm really happy with them - especially the A in maths which I was never ever expecting! It's just annoying that they won't take me, so even great results feel like bad ones because they don't get me into the uni i want - someone said to me once that GCSEs get you into college, A levels get you into uni, and your degree(s) gets you a job and the ones below that don't matter by then. How did you manage to get a BBB offer? My insurance was Equine Sports Science at Nottingham Trent, but they only wanted 220 UCAS points and I have 390 now - it was only in case I really flopped the last set of exams, but being so close i'm going to reject them and retake. Cont...
  4. Oh wow! You did really well! I got BBB and that's what they asked for. It's so unfair your not in when you did better than me. What is your insurance?
  5. Kalishka
    I didn't get in :/ or so far at least i'm not in. I needed ABB and got AAC but i was close so thinking about a remark. if not then probably going to my insurance then resitting and hoping for next year.... but i heard that sometimes if you meet your offer late then they offer you a defered place, which i'll happily take instead of going to my insurance
  6. Hi, no worries. Sorry its took me this long to reply. Did you get in to Nottingham?
    I'm in Lincoln Hall. And I know what you mean; when I told someone earlier I had got into Nottingham for Zoology they said "what the hell is Zoology?!" lol. x
  7. Hi,
    I see from a thread that you have firmed Nottingham for Zoology like me
    If you want to talk, then message me back
    Mel x

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