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  1. MrGuillotine
    I'm not your mate. And if you can't respond to the actual argument, stop wasting my time. 'init bruv' :rolleyes:
  2. mate do you swear every five words, what your problem. You can have your own opinions, all I'm saying is that I'm not going to agree with you ever
  3. Kirpan aint banned mate how am i breaking the law?
  4. One can only hope that you will look back on your last few posts and learn your lesson. I have given you more than enough respect, but at the moment, frankly, I am disgusted and somewhat angered by much petty comments. Lets put it this way, who will win the Kirpan Issue, a Sikh who has been tolerant, like me or Singh 993, or a man like you, who constantly swears, shows little respect, and who quite frankly can be found degrading. You answer it
  5. mate what crap are you chatting. When did I threaten you? What I meant was by taking to you India, no that i'm gna f u up, but I will show you how your eyes are misted by how you think law and order is perfect and always followed. Just answer this question, what exactly do you know about Sikhism, that allows you to diss my way of arguing for the Kirpan. Another thing mate, when a guy slips to insults and uses so many swear words, it says a lot for his tolerance and whether he is winning the battle. The Sikhs won the Kirpan thread. Also, dont f-in complain to me about 1984, when you mentioned Khalistan. What kind of hypocrite are you, what did Khalistan have to do with the thread. Triple-standards mate
  6. mate are you religious? if not I suggest you take some time out and think abotu who you are trying to take on here. First you say you respect what my 10th master has told me, but then you say you dont care what he said. How does that work? Mate I suggest you reword your views in future, I've been very tolerant with you so far. Again, what do you know about equality, the rule of law, and injustice? Come on, you tell me? Mate your seriously out of your depth if you think that the world is perfect and that the law is the most prominant protocol in the world. Come to India with the Singhs, we'll show you how great your law and justice is. I tell you the truth, you like others have literally no clue about Sikhs, and I suggest you try and change that before you come to me with such silly views
  7. mate you really are something aint ya, us Sikhs gave a you a lot of respect in your views which other relgions might not have, and you come out with such silly things. You need to take your crew and research about Sikhism, then come back with your views. Take my thoughts on board
  8. just thought i'd chuck it here for you:

    you have got to be the biggest narrow minded **** i've ever seen online

    i hope your balls get caught in a vice some day...that or a sikh with a kirpan saves your life you realise the errors of your tomfoolary
  9. i'm no superman
    Eat that red.

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