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  1. Oh, you too? It's a terrible feeling...

    Yeah, alright. Like I said, I will remember to ask her and let you know if I come across something. Econ + Math sounds really nice to me! Not really my field of expertise, but it sounds like it should be quite promising in terms of job opportunities, too. What makes you want to pursue this?

    Haha. I would go with "freaking insane" but thank you, I'm truly flattered. You certainly are as well.

    Yes - yes! I had to contact some Finnish universities a month ago and it was a pain in the neck. Plus, some didn't even bother responding to me. :unimpressed: I wish there were some sort of database where we could find their contact details. Maybe there is?

    Turkey is a strange place, really. You can find all sorts of people from all walks of life. There have been some dramatic changes over the last few years though... I don't know how safe it is to talk about such things on an open forum though. Perhaps I'm only a bit too much paranoid. I'm pretty curious how foreign people view Turkey... Aside from those infamous Turkish men on chatrooms, I mean, haha. Erhm... Don't know about Turkish guys. My boyfriend is Estonian and I genuinely love him so...

    By the way, whereabouts do you live? If you don't mind me asking.

    Oh. Yeah. Waldpoesie means poetry of the forest (very rough translation) in German. Happens to be one of my favourite songs by Empyrium, a German band.

    What about your username?

    Oops. I should start writing shorter messages...
  2. Yep. I considered molecular biology and genetics for a while, but I'm more of a maths person. I do Math, Biology, English A Lang&Lit at HL and Chemistry, Physics, Turkish at SL. My combination isn't important for me though... I won't use the IB diploma to apply to a university, but the results I get from Turkish examinations next summer. So I'm basically doing IB for fun... I do it for the sake of the experience and the skills it teaches.

    Oh my. I so feel for you. Countless days and nights I freak out "out of the blue"... Thanks to school, I was taken to the hospital two days ago because of a major case of gastritis. Gah.

    Umm... I really don't have a clue about North American scholarships, but I think my cousin applied to Brown, MIT, etc. for Bsc Mathematics so I can ask her if I happen to see her. I'll let you know.

    You gave IB Survival a shot? I still believe they can help you there.
  3. Well, the last one I can see? :confused:
  4. Psst, you mind if I answer here?

    Trust me, you are. Also, I like to think IB work is more about time-management and self-confidence than actual skills. You should try that for a while and see if it works for you. It should.

    Yeah, I'm Turkish. I'm planning to study Computer Science & Engineering. Wanted to do that either in England or Finland, but decided it would be far better to stick with Turkey for now to save some money of my own and become independent of my family.

    I have heard of Duke University but don't know much about it... What are their requirements? What about Canada? It's a beautiful country, they say.

    Hey, are you on IB Survival, as well? You probably are, but if you are not, check it out. It's like TSR - but focused on only IB. Plus, there are some really overachieving people on that forum. You might find some good advice there.
  5. Hahah sorry about replying on my own wall lol. I did some training for the SAT which I paid for, I learnt some effective strategies to cope with the reading section coz that used to be my Achilles hill everytime. For writing, I learnt some ways to identify sentence errors easily for e.g. the ones with I and me, I learnt when I is correct and when me is appropriate to use. Subject tests were pretty easy because the IB knowledge I had was sufficient enough to cover all the necessary material for the SAT II. I did Biology molecular, Chemistry and Math Level II. I got 800 on Math Level II and chemistry and 770 on Biology molecular.
  6. I got my breakdowns for chemistry HL, I scored a 7 in P2 and P3. I got 30/40 on paper 1 and it was prob a low 6 and my IA was moderated down from a 44/48 to a 33/48. So I guess it was a combination of both the lack of guidance about writing a proper IA and my lack of enough attention (screwed up my P1) which made me lose out on a 7.
  7. Try breaking everything down into smaller tasks. Otherwise it can seem unbearable. Also if you want to revise more efficiently for tests use Quizlet - break the info you're learning down into the smallest possible chunks, then test yourself until you know it - especially good for French vocab and biological terms i found.
  8. Hi there,

    I saw that you are keen to join the 45 club. My advice is strive for the best and do everything in your power to make it happen. Forget everyone who says how unlikely/ hard it is. As long as you know what is required in terms of mark schemes etc it is highly achievable. I managed it despite a 37 prediction (!) and barely handing in a single piece of work on time.

    If you would like any advice/ help etc., feel free to drop me a message

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