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  1. Lol don't worry, aren't you supposed to be revising?
  2. Awww , nice and cool aren't the words that describe me, rather the opposite to be honest.
    *Miffed? Sorry not down with the latest lingo?
  3. Grrr.... just because I have no life, doesn't mean you needed to add me as a friend!

    Didn't mean to be offensive, sorry :/
  4. A casual bit of TSR stalking reveals that you're from my beautiful county! :awesome: Are you a Beverley person?

    (... don't mind me, I know this comes over as really creepy, I'm just wondering if there are many people on TSR who I might know in real life too )
  5. Definitely isn't who I thought then. Erm well that seems odd - I don't really know a girl I didn't get on with to be honest - well not that I can remember. Oh just give me the first name I'm really curious now haha
  6. From your username I'd think I'd know you but the person I'm thinking of lives in Beverley :P

    " (Well not the part I live in but Beverly's OK )"

    So I'm probably mistaken... What school'd you go to?
  7. Yeah really it's pretty boring but it's good enough I guess!

    Erm yes but how'd you figure that one?

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