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  1. Spain clearly won, Emma Watson said so!
  2. Opportunistic trolling, I bet the user was stoked to make the first tsr thread on it...and then I came along .
  3. The victim? How is pointing out the fact that you're insulting me, and women in general, playing the victim?

    You're clearly very deluded then. Women are not as weak as you like to think to make yourself feel better about yourself. It's very frustrating when guys tell me at Judo that I'm stronger than they thought. They seem surprised that they actually have to fight back to not lose the fight. And it's not just me, a few other girls I train with are quite strong too. It's very frustrating that men in general cannot accept that with the right amount of training women can be strong too. But keep living in your little bubble of delusion if it makes you happy.
  4. It's a popular meme that's meant to insult women and make them feel inferior. Why else would you use it?

    Seeing as you don't know me, it's very sexist of you to assume that I must be weak because I'm a woman. Also, I don't understand why it bothers you so much that I may be stronger than a lot of men. Just accept it and move on.
  5. Yeah it was me - I posted it because it's a popular meme and you reminded me of it. That's all.

    You weren't just claiming that not all women are weaker than all men (of course they're not), you were claiming that you are stronger than the average man, which is very unlikely. Women naturally have a far lower proportion of muscle mass, plus they're smaller. Of course it's possible that you're stronger than the average man, but you're probably not.
  6. Wasn't it you who posted the picture of the woman who claimed to be independent? You were obviously taking the piss out of women who want to be independent, unless there was a hidden meaning behind it that I failed to see.

    I'm not claiming both sexes are the same. Can you not follow a simple argument? I'm saying I -just me, not the entire female population - am probably stronger than a lot of men because of all the sports I do. My point is that not all women are weaker than all men, which is something a lot of posters were claiming on the thread. I'm arguing against people who've been saying any man could beat me up, because it's simply not true.
  7. What do you have against independent women who don't need a man to survive? Does it make you feel threatened and insecure?

    You know your argument is weak when you have to resort to ad absurdum. Yes, men did go to war and lose their lives, but this doesn't mean that women weren't oppressed. Women weren't allowed an education, have a job, join the army or even vote; women were treated as properties of men. How could women have contributed to society in the same way as men if men didn't allow them to? Men enjoyed privileges for a very long time, while women had to fight for the same rights.

    If you look at recent history and modern times, women have achieved great things. I don't know why you're struggling to accept that - must be all your insecurities.
  8. Yes, he has :cool:
  9. I think he's given up

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