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  1. Hi FRIEND!
  2. you my friend are very good and i'm thoroughly enjoying your responses on the threads
  3. I wondered how long it would take for everybody to completely realise tbh. :rofl:
    I predicted around 2 weeks. Took a month, even with my profile having people bait out my old username :lol:
  4. Vikki1805
    Appreciate the comment. :pierre:
  5. Ahh good sleuthing! :laugh: yup it's a rather unusual combination haha. Dang didn't even realize il get the mods to remove it. Cheers for the warning
  6. Possibly but I needed to change my username and I stayed away for a while. I got the mods to delete the posts I made that were personal as well. How did you find me anyway?
  7. I was going through a couple of personal problems and people found me and decided to make it public and harass me about it.
  8. Yup mind editing that cause I deliberately changed my username because people found me and I was harrassed? Cheers
  9. AlligatorSky
    Still not going to reply.
  10. yh hes one of my mates

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