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  1. Hi I've just started sixth form and I'm hoping to study medicine at Sheffield University, I was wondering if you could tell me about what work experience is best and what I could do to show evidence of responsibilities? Thanks
  2. Don't mean to be ruse but what were your stats?
  3. Joined! cheers
  4. Haha. Glad to have you on board, little one. :starwars:

    Okay, the context of the smiley is a little awkward but its the only star wars one they have on TSR.
  5. Very nicely said on the Sheffield Med Applicants thread : Post :hat2:
  6. Hey Sorry about the late reply. (As you will find out next year) this term is quite a busy one.
    I'm really enjoying Sheffield, thanks. I'm really glad I chose to come here, and can already see where it differs from other medical schools. The 2-week clinical placement you get in January of 1st year for me was great, especially as all your friends at other medical schools are sat around revising for exams whilst you're getting hands on experience in the hospitals.

    I live in Endcliffe Village, which I love, so I would recommend applying there. But I've never actually been to Ranmoor, so I can't really pass comment on it. All I can say is that I have a flatmate who moved into our flat from Ranmoor because he hated the place so much. The other option is Opal, which I personally think has a better location (closer to the city and to the uni campus) but at the same time doesn't have the community luxuries of Endcliffe/Ranmoor (for example The Edge/Ridge bars in Endcliffe/Ranmoor) and those who I've spoken to have said that there's not much community atmosphere there at all. They also say that they end up having to walk all the way down to Endcliffe any way, because most of their friends and coursemates live there.

    In all honesty I think you'll be happy with wherever you're placed, so I wouldn't worry too much. It's all down to personal preference and the luck of the draw, so what I recommend, you might hate.

    Good luck for the rest of the year, and I hope you enjoy Sheffield as much I am enjoying it.
  7. Ah Keele used to be my first choice! Haha I'm still waiting to hear from keele and Leeds I've had an interview at Liverpool, but they dont get back till march where else did you apply?
  8. Thanks, you too! I don't know to be honest, Sheffield is first choice but I had an interview at Liverpool and hear back in march so I'm not withdrawing till then but I will be if I haven't heard from them all by the time you can start picking accommodation you withdrawing?
  9. Hiya, I'm not part of the admissions team at Sheffield so I'm afraid I do not know the specifics of how offers are given out. It will be best if you contact them directly. I've had a friend send a few requests to Sheffield concerning their admission policies etc. Once I hear back from them, they will be published on this site.
  10. Ahh wow, what were the odds of that eh? Currently I'm taking Biology, chemistry and maths. I dropped french at AS. Chemistry is ok, but AQA Biology is just really broad and mechanics is really boring (I'm not a physics type of guy) What did you getin your A2's. You must have been chuffed after completing them.

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