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  1. Dumachi
    1 week ago
    Cheers mate, the headphones are good
  2. Dumachi
    2 weeks ago
    Hi, Please can you help me i got 30£ to spend on a pair of headphones, was thinking about these so far:

    Can you think of any other headphones with slight emphasis on bass, but not at the expense (or very little expense) of other sound detail for that price range. I dont want any earphones because they just get lost or stolen and I only want these for PC use.

    Any help really is appreciated please. I know you're the guy to ask about audio


    Also I mainly listen to Dance and Hardcore music lol :\
  3. Hey mate, I'm thinking of purchasing a laptop and I was wondering If you mind helping me answer some questions since you're very knowledgeable on this sort of thing?
  4. What's the best option for largest screen stock Android phone? HTC One M8 or Nexus 5?

    And what's your view on putting stock Android on a Note 3?
  5. Love your user title
  6. I recall you being a community staff member...
  7. Hey Gofre
  8. Do you know if you can use a Nexus 7 as a phone? My sister wants a new phone so thinking of giving her my Nexus 4 for Christmas if I can use a Nexus 7 as a phone. Heard you can do it by downloading apps provided it's the 3G model but do you need a smartphone to forward the calls to the Nexus 7?

  9. Cool cool. Whenever you get time mate
  10. Hi Gofre. Can you reply to my PM please.


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