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  1. D'oh! :facepalm: Fingers crossed for your invitation letter:yy:
  2. hey Gofre - just wanted to ask you seeing as you know headphones really well - how much, would you say, is a good deal for a pair of in ear headphones that have good sound quality? (Like, better than the standard Apple ones for example but not amazing)
  3. Is 'press screening' TSR's version of film premier? :lol:
  4. Thank you! I'll keep that in mind when working on my own writings, though I haven't started properly yet but please keep doing more film reviews if you can
  5. Really?! wow, that's 'literally' the perfect start to your new career as a 'film critic ' :eek: Honestly, your writing flows very nicely ! TBH i have no interest in sci-films but i really enjoyed reading that piece ! If you could be so kind to give me tips on how to improve my own writing that would be grreat!
  6. haha, Nice! Yeah, I had the exact image in my mind ! That everyone is getting along just fine as you would expect from the staff of TSR lol I haven't got any questions right now, but If i have any in the future I know who to look out for. thanks
  7. Btw, I just read your review on Pacific Rim, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and it made me want to see the movie! excellent review Are you a films critic by any chance?
  8. What's it like working for TSR? presumably you're working as we speak, so no worries if you don't feel like typing ! :lol:
  9. I love your penguin. Just a little bit
  10. I'll drop the wireless option in that case haha.

    The Uptown's certainly look good and are at a good price too. How are they in terms of bass? The bass isn't too good according to a few reviews I have read.

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