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  1. THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!! Sorry I just go crazy whenever I see another Potterhead xD
  2. Ooh nice Hopefully teachers won't be that hard on you!
  3. It's okay lol, I understand! We have finally finished our exams :woo: :woo: Enjoy your freedom until your A2 lessons starts! Come to think of it, I started my A2 lessons on Friday :L And all the UCAS talks
  4. Good luck for tomorrow
  5. Oh I do Edexcel. Do you cover anything related to biodiversity in your spec by any chance?
  6. Certainly! Just out of interest, what exam board are you on for Biology?
  7. That's true, I remember on Friday coming back from college and everyone in the bus was giving me really weird and dirty looks and I was thinking "what the hell have I done" but I really didn't care Be careful though, there's loads of haters out there!
  8. I know, I'm so demotivated now its quite unbelievable! It's pretty hard living up to the expectations And yes that is soo true, they are having some protest tomorrow as well from what I've heard! I'm not sure, but I'm aware that we are given a week break after exams I need to ask to double check!
  9. I'm 100% sure that you wouldn't have to do any retakes, I'm certain that you've aced all your exams! I will sound like a hypocrite right now, but try to have faith in yourself. It will take you a long way that's for sure! And if you don't, then I have faith in you Do you start your A2 lessons after you finish your exams?
  10. Ahaa, it's so weird knowing that we are literally about to finish AS Levels. I mean we had just started yesterday

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    Currently studying for 11.5 GCSE's there's nothing more to it!
    I LOVE reading, writing, watching documentaries and debating.

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