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  1. Not me, but my brother is a top SCII player
  2. if you can please answer if not its ok
    I am redesigning and improving a existing product which is a trolley bag (which the elderly use) I need your help to answer the question so that it this product can meet your demand because my target market is you guys (university students who live in the university) THIS IS A A2 PROJECT THE MORE THE BETTER.
    What gender are you?
    What university you go to?
    What transport do you use more often?
    Do you have to travel far to shop?
    How many times do you go shopping?
    Are you limited of how much you buy?
    If the product has a good look will you buy it?
    Do you have access to bikes in your university?
    How much will you buy the end product for?
    How the existing product could be improved?
  3. Right back atcha. It's hard to find a person who's even heard of Schopenhauer these days.
  4. Happy Birthday!
  5. It used to annoy me, now I just laugh! When they've listened to a 4 century span of music then they can come back and try and say it all sounds the same. Or not! :teehee:
  6. Hahaha you just summed up our 6th form common room in a sentence :p: What bugs me is when you're at a party or something and there's been music playing for 3 hours straight and you couldn't even tell that the songs have changed because it all just sounds the same. I mentioned this to my friend and a guy passing was like "you can hardly talk, all classical music sounds the same too". I could not stop laughing at that!
  7. Oh wow that sounds good! Probably because I am totally unsciencey therefore that sounds incredibly complicated :p: Also just looking at your about me thing, completely agree with you on people who say listening to only classical music is really closed-minded and then it's like well what do you listen to?! :mad:
  8. Oh yeah that makes sense. And agree GCSE was pretty awful! It's the sort of GCSE course that means that if I hadn't known that I wanted to carry it on after school I wouldn't have taken it for A level because it just doesn't work in a way that inspires any enthusiasm for the subject. Although admittedly that may be as much to do with the way it's taught than the course itself...but there was nobody in our A level set who didn't apply for Music at uni, the others' argument being "I didn't want to carry it on after school and it wasn't interesting enough to do just as an extra". So are you also heading off to uni this year?
  9. Oooh very nice was flicking through my Chopin Etudes book the other day (that sounds like such a normal way to spend a day...) and found Op.10 No.3 which is just gorgeous! My teacher loves the etudes (so do I come to that) but went through a phase recently of getting me to learn the first page of one a week just so I got a flavour of all of them. Which was interesting in that respect but annoyed me not finishing them! So now I'm going back to the beginning and finally finishing a few!
    Do/did you do A level music? (don't know what level of school you're at!)
  10. Probably is that, I'm on a mobile broadband thing. I'm in the complete centre of russia, so it might just not know where I am - the BBC weather website refuses to believe there's a city here.

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  • About Jtking3000

    Jason Newton
    Where I study
    University of Bath
    Star Sign
    About me
    Schopenhauerian, Atheist, Weight trainer, Russian speaker, Talented piano player, Ex-mensan.
    Academic Info
    GCSE: 3A*s,5As,2Bs + a C in short course geography in yr 9
    AS: AAAA in russian, maths, physics and chemistry (AACB prior to retakes)
    A2: A*A*A*A* :O

    Bath (firm): Aerospace engineering
    Imperial (insurance): Chemistry with molecular physics
    Nottingham (offer): Chemistry with molecular physics
    Nottingham (offer): Mathematical physics
    Birmingham (rejected): Theoretical physics

    Bath aerospace confirmed :cool:

    Since July 27th 2011

    Types of people who generally grind my gears:

    Stereotypical lefty liberals
    People who think I'm closed minded for only listening to classical music despite my tastes spanning 300 years across the whole of Europe whereas theirs only spans a couple decades and is mainly just from the UK or US...
    'You're wrong because everything is subjective'

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