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  2. Well I checked on the Reading website and it said only people with conditionals or unconditionals who make it their firm can apply :/ weirddd!
    And wow that's a lot to choose between! I sent off my application, put Clarence Dock as my fave! Don't mind that it's off campus because the walk will be good exercise haha
  3. Alright I'm gonna YouTube stuff now. I'm done with my mocks (for sure failed them though ) and now I get to lie around at home til Monday.
    Did you know you can't apply for accommodation at Reading if you insured it? now I hope I get into Leeds, cos if I go to Reading I'll end up in **** accommodation....
  4. Yes, these are the books, But the link you have given for C3 is for C4 while the link for C4 is for C3.
  5. I used the edexcel official modular text books. See the below link:
  6. I'm in Uganda I don't really think of myself as a total international student considering I only moved here four years ago and before then I lived in London... and I go back there every year but I'm not a home student either :/ I'm just kinda stuck in between!
    And I've pretty much settled on Clarence Dock! It won't let me apply right now though...
  7. It's 9 weeks for me! But then again my first thing is General Studies, AKA General Bull**** and exactly a week later I have Mechanics... so I guess it is 10 weeks for me too
    And I'm an international student, so no student finance for me!
  8. yeah I'm pretty much prepared for failure too! But I don't really care because it's just mocks and I know I'll read like a b**** for the final exams
  9. That sucks
    Well done on the other results though! And you can just do I.T again in June.
    Nah I don't do January exams because with my exam board you do all modules at once (Cambridge International Exams). But I have mocks right now at school and they aren't going so pretty...
  10. Yeah I have a feeling it's gonna be expensive too :/
    But my heart's set on either Clarence Dock or Devonshire.
    Gonna apply for accomodation at the weekend

    Did you do any January exams?

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