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  1. The integral of dee squared dee tee,
    from 1 to the cube root of three,
    times half the cosine of 3 pi over nine
    is the log of the sixth root of e!
    Wouldn't that be 'tee squared dee tee' in the first line?
  2. hi mate got my pm
  3. ji mate got my pm
  4. My inbox was full, try again =P
  5. Hylean
    Which is why I'm not posting it. I want to see his arguments first before adding my own, especially as his might mean the thread has to be moved to the Does God Exist thread.

    Essentially, I believe that religion is a method of social control, at times sinister and at times benevolent, which is both dependent and independent of the beliefs and founders. Without the founders and beliefs, there'd be no religions, but systems of control can be built around rather "anarchistic" beliefs, such as Jesus'.
  6. Hylean
    Religion is more than a set of beliefs. If it were, there'd be no defence from atheists about theirs not being a religion and "spirituality" wouldn't be a viable term.

    Religions involve rules, rituals, regulations. Yes, Jesus may not have been about rules, but he wasn't out to create a new religion, but change people's beliefs. The various religious sects built up around Jesus all deal with controlling people, on some level, if only minorly. Religions rarely have anything to do with their founders. This is why one can be a Christian without belonging to any particular Christian sect, ie. be irreligious.

    It is even possible that the word "religion" comes from a word meaning "to bind fast", though that point is dubious.
  7. hi, I (clio)was on your thread before, the one about parking on the street works out cheaper.

    Then I noticed you were on a thread about insurance and asked the OP (tom yam, who is actually me but banned under that account) on the thread for help on reduced insurance .

    try young drivers cooperative insurance. let me konw what quote you get please
  8. I liked your thread on evolution. I know basically nothing about science and am appalling at maths but I still read all of it and though I have no opinion I'm glad that you started it all because it was an interesting read. Just sayin'.
  9. TheGrinningSkull
    No *******
    Yes medicine is my ambition
    The AS subjects I took are: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths and Computing and I'm thinking of continueing all 5 to A level. Computing I took as something fun to do and I found it to be enjoyable, as part of the coursework you can choose to program a solution for a given *******.
    If you need any help along the way don't hesitate to ask, I'd be happy to pass along my experiences
  10. Thanks for help, Just curious, What AS are you doing? Medicine is your ambition?

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    The integral of tee squared dee tee,
    from one to the cube root of three,
    times half the cosine of three pi over nine,
    is the log of the sixth root of e

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