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  1. anyway
    - this is all copy and paste from before..

    the isa was alright...

    anyway.. from what i remember


    1. using results from practical, calculate 1000/t and record it in the table (in the paper)


    2. draw a graph of it, with 1000/t in Y axis, and conc. of na2s2o3.


    3. draw a line of best fit

    i did straight line

    4. using your graph, "find" the conc. of na2s2o3 at concs of 0.05 a 0.10

    use ruler, measure down

    5. define : rate of reaction. explain why using 1000/t can measure rate of reaction

    conc of sub/time 1000/t 1000 is conc..???

    6. " doubling conc doubles rate of reaction" explain whether you think your results from Q4 are good enough. -- this question, i wa like.. "strange wording.." "good enough" - lol

    use your results e.g. at 0.05, and 0.10, was 0.10 double of 0,05? use the other restuls from the table at the start

    7. trying to remember this one...**** ///

    8. maximum percentage error

    1+1/1000? something like that

    9. trying to remmber this one... *** i think i won't get them... (7/9 ///


    10. "graph given of conc of acid v rate of reaction" Explain why the line graph is not straight " curve is exponential (?)"

    weren't too sure about this sorry

    11. why does magnesium (ribbons) need to be cleaned when it ha been stored outside in the air

    mgwhatever (so4/oh2) forms, which is insoluble..

    12. magnesium ribbons react with hot water. heated magnesium ribbons react with steam outline 2 differences between them.
  2. what school/college dyu go to?
  3. Well thank you :awesome:

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