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    Kim Jongwoon
    Where I study
    The Land of Oz
    Bell Ringer
    Facing You :sexface:
    About me
    What do you want to know? :lolwut:
    I dislike eyebrows. :nooo:

    I really really like Kim Jongwoon. Like it isn't intimate or anything, but asdfghjkl he is so perfect. He is the definition of perfections. I hate him. Why does he have to make me suffer knowing that I am about 8000km away from him and he doesn't know I exist.
    forever: /crying
    Academic Info
    I was taught by the Dalai Lama himself.
    If you must know. .
    I like shiny things. :moon:
    Oh, and I have an ear! :awesome:

    Yesung and SungKyu biased.
    Super Junior | Infinite

    K I M J O N G W O O N I S M Y L I F E
    K I M S U N G K Y U I S A B A B E

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