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  1. Thank you with you help regarding the chemistry revision !!
  2. :woo: Congrats! well done to you too! we both did well and the best thing is ITS ALL OVER :crazy:. No more chemisty eh :teehee:.

    Oh wow you did great then on the others! i got all C's on everything at A2 even the courswork after all that but i honestly thought organic went soo much better, stupid high boundaries :emo:. Saying that though there was NO WAY i could've got an A overall anyway lool.

    Thats awesome, the hard work paid off then . I didnt have an insurance (pulled out of it few weeks beforehand) and i didnt get my firm but i got into QMUL for psychology which was what i wanted to do originally so im happy lol. What course are you doing? Im waiting on 2 remarks so will let you know my other grades after that wbu? xD
  3. Heya
    Well considering chem was my weakest subject i got a B which was expected :teehee: but im happy with that i guess too close to the boundaries to get a remark lol. Tbh i expected to get a lot better on the organic paper, dont know what happened :erm:.

    How did you do? Get into uni? xD
  4. Aww Will no don't feel awkward, everyone will be in the same boat, I'm sure you're a nice fella and it'll be great fun meeting lots of new people . Wow Bulmershe and lots of the others were well over £120 pounds which is awful for me, its good that you'd have somewhere to get the money from, i don't think i do, especially with my twin brother starting uni too lol. . .so still fingers crossed for sibly! And i'm not entirely sure about St. Georges. . . my dad was panicking and filled out the form, you're probably right about it not being for ungrads. We'll get accomodation, where there's a Will there's a way

    HAHAHHAHAH really wanted to say that lol sorry for the cheesiness!
  5. Heyyyyy Will! Oh I went looking for those other girls, couldn't find them anywhere on the Reading Freshers pages... oh well! I'm sure our course will have loads of fun people haha. Awwwek wish i knew about Southhampton, not the end of the world! I still am a little heartbroken about Imperial , just because I was totally in love with everything about it, and my boyfriend was/is going but Reading isn't far from . I have no idea what i want to do next i suppose we can all play it by ear, see what we're good at and like etc, but its great if you know what you want to do after!!
  6. PART 2: Lol (Apparently you can't do more than 1000 characters?)

    Anywayyy I applied to Sibly and St. Georges, the halls are far more expensive than i thought and my loan doesnt quite cover it so think I'm hoping for Sibly! As long as we get in somewhere i suppose, last thing i want to do is start house hunting somewhere i've never set foot lol. Looking forward to going? and where'd you apply for halls ?
  7. Phew haha glad you think so . Hahahha Nope thats me! Aoifeee, lol no no that wouldnt be stalkerish at all, does that make you Will? So just 2 of us doin the course then? Hahah.

    Aweee same here with the few marks! Oh I didnt even know Southampton had a similar course, interesting My firm was Imperial College London....ragin i missed it, i needed AAA but got AAB but probably worked for the best apparently Reading is lovely and better for the naive type like me who would talk to anyone on the street lol. Aye the course looks great and the exp. will be great for future employment!

    Ohhh Norfolk! I applied to East Anglia, that course looked brill too! But you probably didnt want to go so local? I'm really looking forward but a little scared because i don't know anyone but i love making new friends so that should be ok, and i just know I'm going to miss a lot of people,my twin brother is staying in Ireland for uni so that'll be weird...not that we do everything together anyway.
  8. Emmm.....Heyyy there!!!

    Was just googling all about Reading Uni cos i'm going there in October so i was refining my search, adding in my course details and what not and i found you on this!

    I swearrrr I'm not a stalker lol!!! But I too am doing Environmental Science with Professional Exp. and had it as my insurance so waiting to hear back about accommodation! I'm from Northern Ireland and I don't know anyone going to the Uni or anyone who as ever gone...nor have i ever visited it Hahahha, I sound crazy on this...but yeah...hey
  9. smile_wars
    No probs shout if you have any questions.
    The majority of reading for science subjects is done through academic journals these days as they are more up to date than old textbooks! Your uni will suscribe to them so you can access them once you have computer access there.
  10. smile_wars
    Yea Reading was my second favourite so no probs! Um, our main one was How Does Earth Work? by Smith and Punn. It's a nice textbook because it is full of really good illustrations, covers all the earth science stuff. But I wouldn't buy any textbooks unless you have to! Only after a few lectures when you find out if it really is compulsory reading and even then your library will have copies if you don't have lots of money for books. Alternatively if you love reading about the stuff then go for it! Get a waterstones card if you buy your text books from there, it will put a few quid worth of points on it.

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