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  1. I am going to ask if I can do it.
    I do have 17 frees.
  2. ~That is so good! Well jel!
  3. That is good!
    Are you going to do Additional Further then?
  4. Did you drop chemistry in the end?
  5. paranoid_android2
    Seriously, mni will be PMing me to offer counselling sessions soon.
    Are all cubers this mean? :cry2:
  6. paranoid_android2

    :emo: :emo:
  7. paranoid_android2


    That message is so horrible. When mynameisn't reads it he'll think you're bullying me.
  8. paranoid_android2
    Grammar Nazi? Pedant, yes, but Nazi? :cry2:

    And I only point out your typos. I don't actually do it with anyone else. :lol: Except maybe ElMoro. :lol:
    You're special. :ahee: :lol:
  9. paranoid_android2
    Of course I'm not serious!

    If I had been...God, that would've been awkward. :lol:
  10. paranoid_android2

    You never told me you speak another language. :shock:

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