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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for the reply. Good luck with your re-sit.

    Thanks again.
  2. Hey,

    Are you still at Lancaster studying Computer Science? I was wondering, are you coping? Also, if you don't mind me asking, what did you do at college? A Levels? BTEC?

  3. haha, the only module i seem to hate is java, other than that it's alright. is it that bad at lanc?
  4. Hey, I'm soooooo sorry for not replying, I haven't been on this forum since I posted that thread lol. And the answer to you question is no I opted on going to aston university instead, but hey i don't regret it! How is your course going anyway?
  5. lancs was my first choice. they were out of order to me and really rude haha. i didnt have an insurance so i went through clearing XD
    i wanted cartmel or lonsdale
  6. awwh! what college are you in? awwh look forward to it.. i really wanted to do compsci there! (..but im so relieved that i dont have to move all my stuff right the way up to lancs ohhh my god.)

    still havent got my laptop.. haaa sooo unprepared.. havent got anything!
  7. luckayyy want it!
    no not yet haaa
    im so unprepared
    i move in next saturday and ive got like, nothing!
    you excited for le lancs?
  8. ohhh what hp? i was looking at the pavilion oneeessss

    im off to kent! and to be honest.. im much happier with that :| lancaster is 5x as far away from home than kent is..
  9. Hey - congratulations, well done!

    First point, I wouldn't stress too much about whether your laptop will be good enough or not, mine is nothing special, and has been just fine - for first year anyway. Also, if there ever are any problems, the computers in the labs are available 24/7 - and I often go there anyway, just because I can work better there!

    Anyway, that processor looks pretty similar to what I've been using, which like I said, has been fine. Intel and AMD - depending on when they bring out a new model, are both pretty close competitors, I wouldn't worry about it.

    Enjoy Freshers!
  10. im.. not going to lancaster ahaha! still doing compsci though! i dont even know what sort of laptop to get, i was just gonna get a netbook or a chromebook but then im like whats the point, might as well just get a new laptop! still undecided!

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