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  1. Hey! How are you doing fellow economist? :cool:
  2. Hello there. So excited about Warwick, finally!
    Are you on the Warwick Firmers Facebook page? (And you're Indian, right?) :P
  3. Why art though not revising :P
  4. Yeah I did apply for L100. Warwick is my insurance choice. Did you apply there as well?
  5. No worries! I wish you well for your studies there!
  6. Say what? I can't, says wait till April 2. Yeah Marls/Sols are the same type but may be separate on the form, not sure. I'm going to go for that with Woodland as my second choice. Although, it seems everyone will :L LOOOL! Quality bull****. Damn I'm an agnostic non-vegetarian! Never thought that would have its downfall. LOL. So you still debating between Warwick and Sexy Bath?
  7. thank you, yes thats very true! I suppose I've just had my eye on UCL since year 10 and couldnt wait to leave school and live the london dream but all in all i guess now I'd be much happier at bath are you applying for economics and if so where do you have offers from?
  8. Congrats on the offer, I have been stalking you for a while.

    Can you tell me what the interview was like, I have mine tomorrow and really bricking it as its my favourite and last remaining chance

  9. Hi!
    Don't know if you remember, but you posted a message on my wall asking me how my applications were going, since I also did the IB and got screwed over by moderation
    Didn't answer straight away, as I didn't have any responses yet, but I can now tell you that I got an unconditional offer for UCL Law with one point below requirements! NO idea how it happened, my LNAT essay and PS must have been fantastic
    Also got offers from QMUL, Birmingham, and York - still waiting on Bristol, but shall be firming UCL anyway.
    So anything is possible, good luck on your exams!
  10. My imaginary friend

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