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  1. I went to watch it on Wednesday. It was terrible. Russel Crowe at the beginning was about the best thing in it.

    Zod was terrible, no Clark (as an adult) was terrible. Practically everyone always seeing him do 'super' things without any attempt to hide it, terrible. But the worst thing of it all was the neck snapping. **** me that was a bad idea :facepalm2:
  2. What's the android streaming app you are talking about?
  3. I hadn't done much if any reading to be honest. Truth be told, I found the whole meeting the supervisor thing pointless. Mine kept pushing back meetings and hardly ever attended. I didn't actually meet mine until early/mid November.

    You need to meet him though since he needs to sign off on various things. Also he will hint at what he is expecting in the interim report and what he is expecting in your actual dissertation. But truthfully, apart from that, he is of little use in helping you choose a topic.

    What I did find is that my supervisor was really keen to chat etc. after I had submitted the thing. Somewhat pointless really lol but I guess that's how things are. :p:
  4. Now all of the module outlines are available online only. Go here: On page 5 it lists the modules you can do. I'm assuming Exchange 1 is a first semester module whereas Exchange 2 is a second semester one?

    You are only allowed two modules from outside the School of Social Sciences. So unfortunately you have to replace Exchange 1 and Exchange 2 with modules from the School of Social Sciences, though not necessarily from the Economics Division.

    If you took economics modules, you have the option of:

    Semester 1
    Labour Economics
    Applied Econometrics
    Principles of Finance

    Semester 2
    Public Economics
    Empirical Finance
  5. Ah haha, always a good idea. :P: Anyway, you just need to email the Student Office and they will be able to help. I know a few people who chose modules from the School of Management as they tended to be easier on the whole. You're only allowed two during second and third year, though. What are you going to replace Exchange 1 and Exchange 2 with? You could opt for finance related modules (Econ3015 Principles of Finance, Econ3016 Empirical Finance) or you can choose economic theory ones (Labour Economics and Public Economics). You could even now choose Applied Econometrics. :p:
  6. Exchange 1 and Exchange 2? Unless I'm mistaken, they are for an exchange programme. So I think there's some sort of mistake there. Otherwise a good set of modules. I did Topics in Macro and Macro Policy. Both good and easy modules. I didn't do International Banking or Risk Management though. I did Empirical Finance, Micro Theory, Applied Econometrics and Principles of Finance.
  7. I'm not going to be able to see it until Tuesday :rolleyes: I'll be watching an iMax showing though Better than TDK?

    Still haven't seen Spiderman either, so I'll probably be watching that in the next 10 days as well :mmm: What did you think of it in comparison to the Maguire ones?
  8. Sorry for the late reply mate. Erm revision is fine, slow but I'm getting there, how's yours?

    I'm thinking Macro, International or Development. Leaning towards Macro and doing it on the European Debt crisis. You chosen yours yet?

    Edit: How'd you do in the development cw?
  9. That is the only one I have actually seen :mmm: I am trying not to spoil it too much for myself!
    I am still unsure about Hathaway though, what do you think?
  10. Karma Charger
    You play as Batman and Robin. Knowing me, I'll probably just get it when my last exam finishes on June 1st at 11. I'll play it then get proceed to drink myself to death :awesome: A JLA film would be interesting, but it'll be hard- like you said both Batman and Superman will probably just be compared to Nolan's versions. How would they even dress Wonder Woman :mmm:

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