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  1. I am indeed!
  2. Well hello again you!

    Just weeks till King's. Excited?
  3. Currently watching the Tenth Doctor transform into the 11th. :cry:
  4. She was there for three episodes.

    Gone now though.
  5. I'm halfway through Donna and... Martha is back!
  6. I'm looking forward to it!

    So far I'm finding Martha very, very meh. I've just finished the boarding school episode but she was annoying from the beginning. She randomly falls in love with the Doctor at the end of her first episode and 50% (if not more) of her character consists of pining over him. His relationship with Rose was far better developed and in the cases where we see love blossoming in a single episode, there is context. In The Girl in the Fireplace, she saw him over the course of decades, and in the boarding school episodes it is said that months passed.

    But he is still charming so the series is quite watchable. I'm going to miss Tennant's hair! It is practically a character of its own!
  7. Ah the open day was lovely. The students and staff were very friendly and very intelligent (but not in an off-putting way, if you know what I mean.) The library is simply stunning - a nice change from Edinburgh's 1960s monstrosity.

    I've just started Tennant's second series - it's so good, so I can't quite stop myself but I don't want to run through it just yet! I'm sure Matt Smith is great, but Tennant's Doctor has that sort of silly charm that I love in characters (because I have the same trait, minus the charm.)
  8. life i guess :/ but thank you. umm AQA for chemistry and psychology (spec B) and Edexcel SNAB for biology... what about you?
  9. Same!! I got a C and got put off French, but at the same time i was happy i least got a C because i sat the exam four days after i lost my grandma :'( but my teacher made me remark it and it managed to go up to a B somehow! but still i was put off with A2 haha.. yeah i did jan modules, awh thats awesome! mine were okay.. psych was disappointing D:
  10. ahh! I really liked french, but i decided to drop it cos it's one of them subjects where anything can come up in the exam and its not like you can revise everything from a book like in bio/chem, as I'm sure you've gathered :P and so yeah dropped it cos i didn't want to end up getting a flop grade at A2 :/ i applied to queen mary too, sussex, surrey and st. georges

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