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  1. Easy enough :toofunny:
    I suppose it's easy enough to say you're a member of BLBC. But to earn the boat club tie is by no means easy.
    I've only just recently earned that tie. You are only allowed to wear it if you have rowed for the university in an event. Which is not that easy to do :nah:

    Perks are secret to you. Freshers find out the perks as and when necessary. If you do get into BL and decide to join BLBC then I will be your senior and you'll treat me with respect and us seniors will decide when you know things and how you're treated
    It's all in good fun :evil:
  2. If you had you would have seen the OLD website

    I suppose I can try
    To join you simply sign up at freshers fayre so you get the e-mails and can start turning up to the sessions. No experience needed, the only rowing I'd done before uni was on the rowing machines at the gym!
    Everyone starts off at around the same level, we get you used to the technique and being on the water, then around november the freshers team begin to be put together so that we're ready for the freshers sprints (just a 1km) and there's the basics about it

    Concentrate on getting into med school first though
  3. And seems to continue to make you scratch your head!

    Did you try googling it?

    But anyway.. BLBC is Barts and the London Boat Club.. it's the rowing team. I'm showing my pride to be a member of BLBC and having rowed for the freshers 1st VIII in the races so far.

    That and I got bored of having 'Quacking MediMod'

    So now you know
  4. Lord Jon
  5. I want to apply to medicine aswell next year How's the application process? Where are you applying? lol x
  6. I hate 'Fairytale of New York'
  7. I am! :awesome:
  8. Oh yeah, sorry, I was just about to check that.
  9. What's up? x
  10. Sorry! I've literally been popping online for five minutes here and there :P
    how are you?

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    I write articles online for free and I am a newbie wannabe student politics hack!
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    About me
    Hi there,

    My name is Jon and I'm from London!

    I like politics , debating, activism and making difference.

    Rumour has it that somehow I made it into Law School and start some time in October.

    Rumour also has it that I like tea a lot , cider and obscene amounts of sleep!
    Academic Info
    9 GCSE's
    Did AS Levels twice and failed .... got an E grade in Economics and an E grade in English Lang/Lit

    NOW I'm studying for a BTEC Level 3 in Applied Science.

    But somehow I still ended up getting an unconditional offer from a good! university in London to study Law!

    Proof that no matter what your past mistakes you CAN get where you want. You CAN succeed and you CAN make the best of things.

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