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  1. hey, I couldn't help but notice you got into Keele for medicine! I have a similar UKCAT score to your own, could I possibly private message you asking about applications?
  2. charllysaur
    Yeah I know it's naive but my naivete has a certain charm, no?
    That's about the college saving money though (they're skint they aint gonna be paying for first years in january), this is different, it's not like sending a few emails of complaint is going to cost them a fortune?
    But yeah, some kind of online protest cant hurt can it? OCR are just getting ridiculous, since this spec came in there hasn't actually been a well-rounded paper iirc
  3. No offence, but that's naive, remember the kerfuffle we all raised about how the 1st years SHOULD NOT take their exams in June (all of them)?

    EDIT 2: Google: "Lions led by donkeys" and "Martin Niemoller's famous speech".
  4. charllysaur
    Of course they wouldn't care but they might lower grade boundaries/issue a half-arsed apology to us.
    Yeah that actually sounds like a good idea, should go to the college first they probably have more influence on the exam board than us, especially if a few colleges complain, and speaking to some people from other colleges it looks that way...
  5. Want me to write a complaint? you can spread it and send to the exam board and overload their email banks if you like.

  6. charllysaur
    Indeed, indeed. Seriously though, you'd think they'd have learned their lesson from last junes ecology disaster...
  7. All the stokies are spamming the threads with their anger. God help those examiners.
  8. You'll want to add: akindrat18 as well.

    After all, you are(!) mentoring him.

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