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  1. I find all Abrahamic faiths equally intolerable. And the notion of God or religion laubable. Hope that helps.
  2. must have been on drugs and cool guess i'll keep tabs on newspapers now
    but hope u have a good day today :hugs:
  3. I love you and I'm here for you always <3 mwaaah.
  4. ah cool i understand a lil where u coming from, and sorry to hear that :console: must have been a real weird guy. wht workplace do u work for?
  5. what man had a go at you? a customer? wtf the customer spat at you?? that's even more retarded. did u complain about this? Did he have a go at you because of the authenticity of the meat or something? aww I'm here for you hun
  6. Yeah of course, you accuse me of something, when i ask about it you start changing the subject.
  7. Dont blame people when there is no ground to.
  8. Where am I mean.
  9. No idea what you are talking about. I said Netherlands refering to the country I live in .
  10. and thats mean because.. ?

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