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  1. Personally I dont view it as redundant. Sure there are generalisations, but when it occurs to me, I try and make sure to correct them...

    If left alone, you get people like in the thread.... Confusing the word as being synonymous with the working class... The word won't be going away, and it's a shame to let people carry own using this misconception...

    I see it as a specific kind of arse, which is why I won't just let it go as easily as others. These people are the main reason why some stigmatise the youth after all. (not to say that adults can't be Chavs)
  2. I assume you were the one who quoted me, couldn't access the thread anymore...

    So I'll post here:
    I don't think it has taken on a life on its own, rather it's more due to a sweeping generalisation by the dopey...

    Chavs have stereotypes... Council houses, clothes etc... I've been called a chav because of what I wear... What you wear doesn't make you a chav nor does wear you live (I'm not essentially rich/middle class)... Being a tosser does...

    It's like people who generalise races... It's not true, the words haven't obtained a life of their own... It's simply a sweeping generalisation
  3. Nice blog
  4. Thanks for your help

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