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  1. Hello User,

    I apologize for not answering till now.

    First, I believe that God is strong, that God does not allow the essence of the meanings of His Word to be altered or corrupted.

    Secondly, people are prone to errors, just like computers have issues/ "bugs" sometimes, people make mistakes. Only God is perfect. So, when translating, sometimes people make blunders. However, that in no way changes the essence of the Word of God.

    As a Christian, I believe that the Tanakh, that God gave to the Jewish people, is true. I believe the New Testament shows how Jesus fulfills, is fulfilling, and will fulfill prophesies concerning him from the Tanakh.

    The contradictions in the Bible are not major, but rather are minor little things, like number differences in issues not important. That is why they do not bother me, because the message of the Tanakh and of the New Testament is not changed.

    Praying and asking God for wisdom in understanding His Word, which He gave and which He doesn't allow to be corrupted, is very important to me.

    Peace and God bless you
  2. :yes:
  3. you bludy pleb

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