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  1. Unfortunately not
    Wish I did though...
  2. I don't get in flame wars either - I just sit back and watch . But the trolls are running out of ideas so they're not as entertaining as they used to.

  3. :lol:

    I miss you :puppyeyes:
  4. Yeah, I remember. Thank you
  5. If you say so. Alternatively perhaps I'm right? He seems to me to be a classic case of someone for whom no amount of public attention is enough, onto every aspect of his life and personality. I don't really think I'm wrong and it will become clearer over time. The National Luvvie thing is sadly evidence that a very large number of people are gathered into his act.
  6. You are mistaking criticism of the way this issue has been colonised by him with indifference to the issue itself.
  7. I would suggest make comments in the thread, rather than in VMs - I don't think you've read them that carefully or objectively, but that's up to you.
  8. Don't worry, I looked it up. Thanks anyways . I used to watch it when I was little and wanted to know what the show was called.
  9. Bring it on, bitch.
  10. You're welcome.

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  • About HarveyCanis

    Tyrant Lizard
    Where I study
    The University of Stirling
    Evil predatory homosexual, according to DYKWIA.
    About me
    I love Iceland.

    I love capitalism.

    I love cloudy lemonade.

    I love Sigur Rós.

    I rep anyone who makes me chuckle.

    I abhor anti-Semitism as well as all racism.

    I abhor socialism.

    I abhor Digimon season 1 fanboys.

    I abhor homophobia.

    I do not personally thank people who rep me, but rest assured I do appreciate each one I get.
    Academic Info
    If I told you I'd have to kill you.
    trolling, occasionally making a valid post.
    Brigades on TSR
    Amongst the realms of TSR there exists certain brigades. Groups of people with similar interests who collectively and aggressively rep or neg anyone who criticises their religion/lifestyle.

    Note that the following will hopefully be highly offensive.

    There are a few main brigades:

    The most notorious being the Muslims, who neg ANY SINGLE criticism of Islam.

    Secondly we encounter the meatheads, gym freaks. Basically. Any girl that claims to like guys who aren't muscle-bound hotheads will be negged to death. Unless they're looking in the mirror.

    Next, the politicos. This admittedly is a tad broad but it would be unfair to label this brigade as one party as all are guilty. It tends to be reserved for the Conservatives and Labour mainly. They will each neg any post which suggests a larger or smaller state, respectively. Because they can.

    Then you have the anti-Messi brigade. We all know them by now. They masturbate over Ronaldo until their trail directly lands on top of his head. Messi is awful, the worst footballer ever. Without Xavi or Iniesta he'd be awful and he's also apparently abysmal in international games. Generally they tend to be of the curious species that make lame Heskey jokes. (lol)

    Finally one comes across one of the most infamous sects. The fascists, or conservatives, whichever is more appropriate. Inhabited by famous users like Ineluctable, chefdave as well as forgotten (but sadly missed) members like Bakmouth. They will insta-neg any pro-liberal post. In a perfect world for them everyone would be Christian, husbands would beat their wives and children, females would learn to accept rape as natural and the state should have hidden cameras in every bedroom so closeted security guards have an easy way to get off every night.

    The above are but a small sample, with groups like the uber-liberals, libertarians, gays and of course back-room massive missing. With enough interest, I may include them. Generally they're less prominent than the above groups.

    So there you go, welcome to TSR's rep system.

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