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  1. LOL. I have PMs from a month ago I haven't responded to...count yourself lucky it was only 2 weeks. I forget sometimes :sad:
  2. Yikes I never responded to you! My partner lives in Scotland thus why I spend a lot of time there
  3. Sainsburys was pretty crap too haha!

    Where do I live? Ipswich

    That is pretty weird actually
  4. I only worked at Pizza Hut for a few weeks before I quit and got another job at sainsburys

    Haha I already live fairly close to London at the moment anyway

    Your teacher drew on you too? Haha that's pretty funny :')
  5. That sounds awful I hate not knowing what im doing!

    Essex I think, you?

    Haha that sounds quite embarrassing actually
  6. It wasn't unfortunately they never even trained me to do waitressing so I spent all my time filling up the salad bar. Never knew potato salad was that heavy!

    Yeah I wanna get to uni now too!

    Oh dear haha I can imagine having stuff drawn on you wasn't great I'd love to be able to nap at sixth form though it'd be amazing
  7. I worked at Pizza Hut once and hated it, don't think I'm much of a waitress!

    I do love London, so many theatres!

    Well that's just unfair
  8. Haha I love food too don't worry
    Waiting tables?

    Some parts of Scotland are very pretty though!

    Ohhhh I see, sounds annoying really, I like doing a range of stuff
  9. Cool, what sort of work will you be doing!
    My Grandad lives in Scotland, only been there a few times though.
    Yeah Drama is pretty cool, how come your school didn't offer it?
  10. It does sound pretty good.
    Oh nice, what you doing in London?
    I'll be studying Drama.

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