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  1. Haha I needed that reassurance thanks xD Hopefully it suddenly 'clicks' within the next few months. Ahh why do you feel that way about eng lit? Awhh I know what you mean though about the pressure thing-my parents pressured my brother to do law and now in his third year he absolutely hates it. Yeahhhh I come from an east asian family hahaha, the stereotypes definitely hold some truth! >.< Thank you! I hope everything goes well for you too, you deserve it as you seem like a really lovely kind hearted person Don't worry about it, I've been slow too. I'll message you my email now, thank you very much again in advance
  2. Yeah that would be amazing thanks!
    Awh that's cool Lol well it used to be medicine for as long as I could remember but then because of being a bit delusional due to my GCSEs I underestimated how much I actually needed to work and then got meh predicted grades so couldn't apply this year. Which was maybe a good thing really because upon reflection it was a lot of my parent's influence. Haha so now I could I've come to a point in my life where I have no idea what to do and I'm all "WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD" :P I applied for biomed because at that point I was still slightly wanting to do medicine but now I'll probably switch with adjustment or clearing once I get my results. So I'm just gonna focus on trying to get good grades and worry about the course later aha. Oh god, I've just realised I wrote like my life story when you asked me a simple question ahahaha sorry! -.-' Thanks again in advance for the essays etc
  3. Hey, don't worry about it Yes please! I would be so so grateful. Oh right ahaha xD In that case, I understand even more if you aren't able to find them since it was quite a while ago for you. What are you studying?
  4. Hi again I feel really guilty for asking, but since your notes on unit 2 were so helpful (like literally, my school does not give us helpful resources at all and I really need an A so am proper stressing and generally just hate life aha) I was wondering if it were possible for you to send me your resources for unit 4 (schizophrenia and media) and any unit 3 you may have? I'm sorry to bother you again! If you need anything in return (e.g. resources in another subject e.g. biology, although since I think you've finished college now I don't know how helpful that would be aha) then let me know as I feel really bad for asking aha :P If not, then that's okay and thans again for your time
  5. Hi, I just checked my inbox and saw a reply from you! I got an A in the exam and an A overall! The module which I had used your notes to revise for was what bumped me up to an A overall so thank you sooo much (I honestly cannot thank you enough). I wish you all the best for the future!
  6. Hello, I just wanted to come and tell you I am soooo grateful for the unit 2 notes that you posted. They were absolutely amazing and helped me soo much in preparation for this exam. I don't know what I got as i only did the exam today, but I suffer from anxiety and despite the lack of time (a week) I had inorder to revise, you're notes seriously reassured me and enabled me to whip through that paper! I can't express how helpful you have been, I wish you all the best!
  7. Hey again! Sorry for my really late reply. Anyways, it turned out that because of your notes, I was one of the only 2 people in my class who got the highest score in class! So thank you! I got a B It's crazy, Over half the people in my year failed :L Which I can only assume is due to the booklets we were given to revise from so I definitely dodged a bullet there when I found your notes. It's no problem about the unit 1 notes, but you did help me with that in a way, as I'm trying to replicate the format with which you wrote your unit 2 notes which really helps
  8. Hi,

    im doing a2 psychology psya3
    do you have any notes on relationships,eating behavior and aggression?

    or any on psya1?

    i used your unit 2 and they were amazing i went from a U to a C so thank you ever so much
  9. Just saw from previous comments that you said you didn't make any unit 1 notes. So no worries then
  10. Hi, I've never really posted a message to someone on this website before so if this fails or you don't receive a notification then whups haha. Anywho I just wanted to say a big thanks for your unit 2 notes! I did my exam a few days ago and I felt it went really well! (We did unit 2 before unit 1 so it's my first psychology exam :3). Your notes explained it so well and so much better than my teacher, so again, thank you! I only revised like 5 days before the exam :L But after going hardcore on your notes, I understood everything and remembered everything yayy. Wow, this is turning into an essay. :L Also, I was wondering if you had any notes that you used or wrote up for your unit 1 exam please? I figure I'm going to learn from my mistake and start revising early so I'm not so stressed out haha. Thanks again

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  • About HolyFuzazzle

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    About me
    I don't know what to say... Cliché, but I'm not into internet descriptions of myself too much DX I always end up saying something kinda lame... (kinda like this)

    I has a tumblr, but I only post anime spam usually XD

    I really hate being talked down to, as often it's by people who are telling me things I already know, and it's often because they don't understand what I post in the first place. So, if I seem pleasant the first time you quote at me, but crazy the 3rd time, that's why.

    I seem to have unwittingly become quite the Psychology A level helper. So if you need help with it, pm me. I've been known to provide people with my notes/essays and to explain/answer any questions they may have.

    If you need my help with Lit, Psychology, English Language or Spanish, ask, as I've done all these to A level and have achieved an A/A* in all of them except Spanish (B *cry*)

    If you have any questions about applying for English Lit at uni or to Oxford, ask too, as I've been through the process.

    Am an annoyingly liberal and open minded person when it comes to religion, lifestyle, orientation etc... So bear that in mind.
    Academic Info
    English - A*
    English Lit - A*
    History - A*
    ICT - A*
    Latin - A
    Maths - A
    R.S - A*
    Science - A*
    Additional Science - A*
    Spanish - A*

    A - levels
    (In Psychology, the EPQ, English Language, English Literature, Spanish and General Studies AS respectively)
    AQA Baccaluareate + Enrichment Element - Pass + Distinction

    KCL Eng Lit undergrad 1st year
    Literature, film, psychology, languages, anime, manga, philosophy (though my knowledge is extremely limited, I just find it interesting to debate and talk about), religion and theology, art (same as philosophy really).

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