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  1. I see you're an Arsenal fan. :mmm: XD
  2. Yeah, but at least I just have two more years of English and Maths, and then I can drop them forever!!!! Lol
    I'm on schedule, got six chapters to go in the eight days before my sixth form induction day
    It's more art that I'm complaining about - how I hated that subject my entire summer holiday and every weekend etc. was devoted to it, and I only realised a few weeks in how much I detest drawing! Lol :facepalm: How I wish I took Spanish instead!
  3. :shakehand:
  4. are you up for getting up to 100 on the count to 100 game?
  5. Actually turns out that now I have the English Language revision book, the course looks really interesting and I'm glad I'm taking it! The one I'm not sure about is English Lit, but I kinda need it for university :/
    Yeah, am actually starting to think that I'm going to finish now that I'm over three-quarters of the way through!!!!
    I got 9A*s and an A (evil art ) So happy now, cos it means that my sixth form place is confirmed (well, ish, I still have to go see them tomorrow :/) What about you?
  6. ElMoro
    Hey! How did your results go yesterday? You had AS maths, right?
  7. You are welcome and thank you.

    Yeah. :lol:
  8. Exactly my problem earlier this year, when i found out I couldn't do Maths and Government and Politics bcoz they were in the same block, and that I have to take English Language instead as that is the only remotely decent option in that block (which means I'm now taking both Englishes, when I don't even like English huge amounts :/)
    The novel is going fairly well, am now two thirds of the way through, although slightly under for word count but hopefully I will make that up on the later chapters where there is more going on
  9. Ah OK. Good luck with the A-Levels.

    I don't know! Not everyone does that many, though.
  10. Exactly - it may have taken over my summer, but at least I'll be prepared and have lots of background knowledge by September compared to people who haven't bothered to do the prep work.
    It's cos my school has option columns, so they have a set timetable, you just have to pick which one out of five or six classes you want to be in. My old school didn't, so we had to pick options for that really early so they could make sure they didn't clash.

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