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  1. Oh no! I think you need :hugs: too where are you going to go now then?
    Well technically I only have four, which doesn't sound much, but bearing in mind that's two essays per exam and each exam is like 2hrs/2.5hrs, it's quite a lot of work :/
    That's really good gosh how high are your offers??
  2. Well hello there Mr remember me?
  3. Looks like it :/ oh well, no news is good news! On the other hand, I've just been rejected from Durham
    Oh I didn't have any January exams, so great! you?
  4. I hear Imperial's good for Maths - there's a guy in my form who wants to go there I think, but he's still waiting as far as I know :/ Maths, Economics, they're kinda similar :P yeah, I'm English
  5. I'm hoping Durham at the moment, but they've still not got back to me. Not sure otherwise :s are you Maths or Economics? London and Warwick seem to be super-popular for those subjects, at least based on where other people I know have applied.
  6. Gosh yeah, it has been aages! I'm good thanks, you? College is fine (well, apart from History, bane of my life -__-). How're your uni apps going? Any idea where you're going yet?
  7. Hi mate I wouldn't mind uploading the S2 paper for you. I'm planning to give it to Mr M so that he can post the answers that he gets but do you want me to upload the actual paper as well? Cheers
  8. Ah noo Sorry, what other unis did you apply to?

    I got an offer based on 2 subjects, but they want a 1 in both step II and III
  9. Anh news from Cambridge?
  10. Well I was only in New Delhi for about a day, so we didn't really get to see all that much :/ yeah tell me about it, I got totally ripped off for a pair of sandals from a shop just outside the Taj Mahal!
    Haha, I think the girl I was sharing a hotel room with in India would disagree - she's now convinced I'm a tennis obsessive!
    Thanks I'm very nearly finished, just trimming a few characters off then it should be done my school's internal deadline for early applicants is Thursday, so I need to send it off in the next few days :s
    Ikr, this year is our last year at school and it's going to be over soo quickly!!

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