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  1. Ooh I don't know, probably Delhi because of the absolutely amaazing hotel we stayed in while we were there.... but in terms of actual touristy stuff it's hard to beat the Taj Mahal.
    Well yeah, but it was only about midnight when I was watching it, and I was too tired to carry on :P
    Oh wow, that's really good! I got 4 A's how's your ucas going?
    Yeah, I've done just over a week now (and it already feels like I've been back for aages!! :P)
  2. I was in the east part (Andhra Pradesh) for most of the time, but with a quick three day trip round Jaipur, Agra and Delhi (the Golden Triangle).
    Oh, that's ironic! At least you've got a new one now
    Haha, I was like that with Wimbledon when I was in India, couldn't stay awake for the whole final though. I obviously don't have as much resilience as you
    How did your results go? Are you back at college now?
  3. Ahh, that sounds amazing! Where did you?
    I am fine thanks.
    Did results go well?
  4. Why don't you post anymore?
  5. Haha :P
    That's ironic! Whereabouts in India are you? Oh no worries, at least you've got more internet than I had when I was there (i.e. absolutely none!)
    Yeah, I know what you mean, I've been off so long that I've forgotten what it's like to be at school!
    I should be doing something productive, but at the moment that's kinda not happening. I blame the Olympics! :P my days pretty much revolve around what time different sports are on at the moment :/ have you been able to watch any of the Olympics over there?
  6. Heyy!! I'd given up waiting for a reply ;P
    Sorry for the delay in me replying, I've been in India for two weeks, so had absolutely no internet access :/ I'm good (just a bit jet lagged though), you? Exams went mostly okay, History a bit dodgy but only to be expected. How about yours?
  7. GG
  8. -_____-
    I was expecting some big reveal. Something huge.

  9. Won what? Another physics award?!
  10. I won. So you have to get in to Cambridge

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