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  1. lo which uni did you end up at?
  2. Thank you so much. So many books as well! Thank you.
  3. Do you know any good mathematical books to buy to prepare for maths olympiads? Thank you.
  4. Well it's true, it is a strict religion
  5. *Reads post in Current Year 12 Thread*

    Dude I knew you were good, but not that good...
    You're not giving the rest of us cambridge applicants much hope :P
  6. Say there are 15kg to start in the bucket. If 2/3 is spiller there are now 5kg remaining. 2/5 of this is spilled so there are 3 kg left. Hence the required fraction is 1/5
  7. Yo,

    Is there any way you can send me that hard problems movie please?
  8. Sokka
  9. Same I keep my account logged on but im usually playing halo
    Xbox 360>ps3

    Why do u not play halo u should conform to racial stereotypes
  10. oh thnks i was just wondering because Im forgetting all the chinese I learnt. I was planning to put it in my P.S but now I dont know if I should as one of the admission tutors is chinese so he may be unimpressed. I think ill just brush up on a few key phrases if i do decide to put it in

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    I want to study maths at Trinity College, Cambridge.
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    Time for an update:

    (15A* and an A (curses...))

    and in the a level math ones I got:
    AS level math: 98% (2 100% grades)
    FP_ modules: 2 100% and 2 A's (both 90%+)

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