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  1. Cool avatar :cool:
  2. ElMoro

    I was wondering if you could sign this petition here to give Babar Ahmad a fair trail :puppyeyes:

    I'd also really appreciate if you could send it to everyone you know - thanks
  3. Go on Skype.

  4. Your avatar is awesome!
  5. ElMoro
    Hey, thanks for the rep
  6. did you have a nice day? I can't believe you're 17 now! :shock: Now you can learn to drive
  7. :hmmm:

    Good thing they were quickly forced out then
  8. Sorry for the late reply (mainly because you posted on your own wall instead of mine so I didn't receive a notification :unimpressed: )

    Are they in Year 12 too :lolwut:
  9. Mendeleev's Table
    I didn't know :emo:

    I know somebody who turned 16 two days ago :teehee:
  10. It's compulsory :smug:

    I can't believe you're already 17... I've only just turned 16 two months ago!

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