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  1. lol how strange, and here's us on here thinking that his initials were F.K - so his surname must start with a K
  2. im surprised that he's banned , ( he probably opted to remove his account ) maybe he's making a new one, who knows
  3. lololol i always knew the truth would come out in the end, and in this case, it has
  4. how did you find out
  5. why, what is it?
  6. lol someone on here?
  7. well that's not creepy at alllll ryan
  8. that is the most random name. we would never ever have guessed that
    who told yoooou
    so..... tell
    im on my chemistry unit 4 revision break
  10. actually i started chemistry sometime in the summer holidays, but that's coz i have an awful memory and need to learn things loads of times till it sticks. but it's also fun coz then you impress everyone in class when you know everything :P
    hows the partying going? hehehe x

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