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  1. I'll give it a listen when I get a spare quarter of an hour! I can see the parallel that you might draw between traditional black metal and metalcore, though I think there are quite a few differences. If you look at the history of black metal, the bad audio quality was part of the "DIY" culture started by Bathory and to a lesser extent, Venom. Though some bands (particularly Burzum) took that and tried to take it to an extreme. 90s black metal was always about taking things as far as they could go, and that included poor recording quality. I agree that Burzum's newer stuff is much more listenable, however I think I prefer some of the old classics.
  2. It's mostly the over-the-top in-your-face brutality, bad vocals (in my opinion) and riffs that aren't very interesting to me. That said, black metal has all of those in varying quantities but I really just don't like the sound of -core genres.
  3. I have never heard of any of those bands XD
    To be honest, I have a friend who listens to a lot of quite obscure -core stuff and some of it isn't that bad.
  4. I'm not so much into death metal. And certainly not metalcore type stuff :P
  5. I've listened to a few necraphagist and nile tracks and liked them so I'm trying to make a point of listening to them more!
    Most of the ones you said you hadn't heard of are some form of black metal, a lot of them are english/irish which seems to be my personal preference.
  6. I just added them. Currently the list stands with:
    Sunn O))) - Listened, good.
    Cnoc An Tursa
    Bretwaldas - listened, VERY good.
    Herne - listened, decent would be nice to hear more songs before buying
    Mago de e oz
  7. I know of them, but not heard anything about them or their music.
  8. I've left Beaumont now, as I'm 26 (now I feel old!) I'm an instrumental teacher, in fact I teach the flute to a lot of Beaumont girls, none in your year though. Some of the teachers that were there when I was are still there, which makes it a bit odd whenever I go back! So what are you hoping to study at uni?
  9. Hey, I see you're in St Albans - same here! Which school do you go to? I was the one who pos repped you for your post in the thread about Christianity and hell by the way - I thought it was very well written

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