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  1. Don't worry it's still very early. Phone them if you are that worried.

    It's very good! Its been quite busy but only relative to the summer as I just lazed around. PBL is taking some getting used to. Its difficult to know how much depth to go into and what we need to know.
  2. Awh Jazak Allah Khairan.

    Dont worry about me Akhi! The post was no problem at all :-)

  3. Hello, i assume your Muslim?


    are you refering to the thread by The Epicurean?
  4. That's what I got last year. I only applied to Keele this year as my grades were A*AB so I just got one offer but that's all you need. I didn't travel. It was too expensive. What will you do?
  5. Worked as a HCA at my local hospital and volunteered at my local hospice. Do you want to do medicine?
  6. Thank you! I applied for it at my local hospital. I got the contact details from a HCA on the ward I was volunteering on at the time.
  7. Ah yes, A-level stress, I know it well Yes, I would call myself a sort of closet Christian as the overwhelming majority of my friends and family think I'm a hard-line atheist as I was for a phase of about a year, but as a rule I consider change bad :^_^: plus I'm a yella' bellied coward I'll probably start practising at uni. On that subject, I've put my offer from Cambridge as my firm choice, and Durham is my insurance. Cambridge for 'Theological and Religious Studies', Durham is straight 'Theology'. How about you?
  8. Hi there old chum, nice to hear from you again, this is a blast from the past! Still living the Deen and all that?
  9. you should expect to hear back by late january or early february. are you international or home?
  10. Sorry for not replying - I (almost) never seem to see messages.

    In answer to your question, I am certainly by no means a "genius" and no, I don't study chemistry at Uni ...

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    Apologies for delayed or lack of responses, I don't visit this website often because firstly, the threads are irrelevant in my life atm and secondly, all the users seem to be geniuses which makes me realise how much of a dumb outcast I am.
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    Memorising scientific, historic, basic, both relevant and irrelevant info: A

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    Social skills: A

    Survival skills: A, got a U for the module about cooking for yourself.

    Procrastination: Super A*
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