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  1. Haha really! Did you not talk about anything chemistryish!
    What sort o things did they ask in the imp interview?
  2. What was the UCL chem interview like?
  3. when did you have your imperial interview i had mine two weeks ago and havent heard back have u got an offer yet?
  4. Do you think we will get them this week?
    All I have is an acknowledgement email saying some decisions will have to wait until January.
  5. I've applied for chemistry with a year in industry at Nottingham and Durham, Imperial and chemical engineering at Loughborough and Cambridge.
    I understand they are very different subjects, I was mainly drawn to the Cambridge course because of the first year of natural sciences, which would enable me to learn chemistry beyond A-level.

    Yeah, my interviews seemed quite nice I was in Group 4.
    Can't really mention what they asked though since interviews are still going on.

    Durham don't interview for Chemistry do they?
    Well done once again. What was your fifth UCAS choice BTW?
  6. Thank you.
    That will depend on how my Cambridge interview goes- I was visibly shaking in my Imperial one! Imperial could be my firm.
    What other unis have applied to?
  7. Yes, I have a conditional offer for medicinal chem- A*AA.
  8. Congrats on your Imperial chemistry offer!
  9. If you had a rather theoretical chemist, then they'd love for you to explain your way through a mini-analysis of the Schrodinger equation. Most organic and inorganic chemists haven't done anything on SH since their degree, so they probably wouldn't even pick up on any mistakes :P.

    It's a great subject matter, so if you can, do it!

    I've known of a couple of students to get a bit panicky, but the interviewers are all chosen to be quite nice guys, so they'll help anyone through if they get properly stuck, or there's an awkward 20-30 seconds.

    I'm happy to help out, so if you've any more questions at any point, then go ahead, even if not Imperial/Chemistry related.

    Good luck with your interviews!

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