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  1. hey,
    we spoke a while ago about hist/pol cos both applying to exeterr CC, york and lanc.
    was just wondering if you had heard anything from york yet? it's only been a month since i applied but i'm already going crazy! do you think they're giving them out as they go or at the end?
  2. Claim? I didn't claim anything. You're done speaking with me because you don't have the intellect for it, frankly. Maybe you should stick to playdough.
  3. Why would I care about the regurgitated opinions of some right wing kid?
  4. Agreed but negging because you think a response is unuseful/ignorant is not, and i dont care whether you neg me, im not that desparate for rep :P And whats ice skating got to do with anything??
  5. I do try :awesome:
  6. You are missing the point! Simply put, it doesn't matter who you vote for. I know you don't agree but the 'democracy' we live in is an illusion. I may have the same amount of votes as somebody else, by my vote is worth much less simply because of the part of the UK I live in.
  7. Stands for Obama
  8. No worrys dude Speak soon
  9. Awesome Look forward to hearing your story haha. We sound similar! Speak tomorrow. Cya!
  10. I don't know haha.

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