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  1. what is physics department at queens like do you know?
  2. hey saw your post on studying economics without maths, im doing the same! any suggestions?
  3. because i'm female???
    oh nooooooooo, you didn't lol
    i'm guessing if i was remotely interested, i could bother to understand.
    what do YOU enjoy about it?
    shouldn't you be gone already to football, or do you do some kind of midnight kickabout?
  4. i wouldn't call it hatred.. it's just a general lack of understanding. i really don't understand the joy of football..
  5. just came back from church. off to a parry it's actually some kid's christening but i really don't know who they are...

    football? O_o.. have fun sweating and chasing a ball.. fun, fun, fun
  6. yooooo dude, how's your sunday?
  7. i am now invading ya wall, hey
  8. hieeeeeeee
  9. *Hakz*
    Aww not getting an A* is not the end of the world. I'd say getting an A grade is something to be really proud of though.

    Was your friend looking to get into Essex to and what course did he originally apply for?
  10. i actually missed the offrr but they let me in anyway for some weird reason. my friend missed an offer just like me but he got rejected... im a bit upset tho cos so many people got a* but i dont... i got abc . lol

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    University of Essex
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    Don't believe in it
    About me
    Im just a normal 20 year old.
    Academic Info
    GCSE - probably too awful and mediocre to be displayed on TSR but oh well I was immature back then.

    A'levels - quite decent I guess
    Law - A
    Government & Politics - A
    Sociology - A
    Economics - B
    Financial Studies - B

    Studying Economics at the University of Essex (2011-2014)
    Football, sprinting, table tennis, badminton e.t.c.

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