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  1. I've quoted you. 'If you have any questions, you can ask Hype en Ecosse' I hope you don't mind..?
  2. Thank you Much easier :yep: Would you like to be quoted in too?
  3. Vikki1805
    Urm, I don't actually. :hmpf:

    I work my butt off, I don't get time to do anything else!

    I actually enjoy all what I do, it's never boring, just stressful!
    Sometimes I wish for a 'boring' day.

    So how's your week going, Scottyboy?
  4. Vikki1805
    Removed your message, because I am weird about what I 'rant about' being posted on my public profile. :mmm:

    Urrm, spreadsheets coming out of my ears, I spend most of my time quoting customers, for them to send me over orders and then I place those orders. I build up customer relationships, that comes naturally though. :pierre:
    I deal with the non conformances for all 5 branches too, so basically, anything that doesn't...conform, I find out what went wrong, how and why, figure how to resolve it and log it. :yy:
  5. Vikki1805
    Glad to hear it stop being lazy though!

    I got promoted months ago, I'm the head branch sales administrator now. :yy:

    See, this is how little we talk now. You know nothing of my life.
  6. Vikki1805
    Scott, how have you been?
  7. Alright, do you know where I can find the application form/email address for entry into Edinburghs Medic Insight program? I cant seem to find it on the site
  8. I guess so...
    Anyway nice to meet you
  9. THERE ARE?!?!?!
    Revelation of the lifetime.
    How come there's no soc?
  10. me too
    finally I found someone in my age group that likes the show
    I'm glad to meet you

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