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  1. Hey Scott
  2. one of the best mods on my list, well done!
  3. lmao I wish I knew how it's fine except when I upload it here.
  4. They're quite silly. For Chancellor's Court (probably my top preference), is it worth spending just over £300 for a larger room? I'm not sure how different the room sizes are: there's standard, large and superior (for JB, which I'm also in love with, but don't know if I should pick it over CC). Money isn't really an issue, I'm just curious as to whether there's a large difference between the sizes, or if it's quite minute that there's no point spending more money.
  5. I do remember speaking to you, but I couldn't remember about what! My memory is quite terrible :teehee:

    I've asked, but I'm still confused on some small things. But thank you anyways
  6. Hey, I recently found out that you study at Edinburgh Univeristy and was hoping if I could ask you a few questions about the 1st year accommodation, if you know anything about it?
  7. Brah so much praise I can't even

    here is gif again


  8. I'm all for gender equality I thought the word "brony" was generally meat to refer to guys specifically, though.
  9. That was my point, I don't agree with the new definition. I'm more of a Pegasister :rofl:

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