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  1. Sometimes I wish I were male just so I could call myself a brony :rofl:
  2. Love it, brah. Will play on full volume with no headphones the next time I'm in the weights room :teehee:

  3. Most alpha vid of all time, brah. Could only be better if about protein shakes.;v=ehmtelSZT44
  4. Thanks for the help, man. You're such a babe, lol.
  5. Thank you for the rep!

  6. We're hoping to stop off at Disneyland :awesome:
    we're such kids...

    Haha I can't wait to study it! I just hope I get in :lol:

    I think I know who it is unless I'm completely wrong ahaha

    Awww thank you! It wasn't bad today, in fact it was quite nice. Just me mam and me. Hope you had a lovely day too.

    And just LOL at that thread. Ell oh ell.
  7. Oh haha Nah we stayed at her place! It was a ****ing awesome time. We drank, played video games, hung out with her friends. It was brilliant. Paris was cancelled though because she had an exam she only found out about while we were still in Vienna. But we're planning to go interrailing next year anyway :awesome:

    No I'm going for neuroscience I'm still taking my chances and applying in Germany but tbh I just can't really be arsed any more.

    Haha sounds like fun! Didn't know you had a gf, is that new? Congrats!
  8. Haha, not sure magical is the right term :lol: but I got experience and learned a LOT.

    I didn't tell you, I've applied to uni in England this year, my application was received by UCAS just the other day :awesome: so Germany is a big "if".

    You enjoying the holidays?
  9. I know, I'm mean :cry2: but i did name you and Idle as me fav mods :awesome:
  10. Hey you!


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