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  1. ayeeeeeee
    me too ^_^
    what season are you up to?
  2. Hi
    Stupid question alert : are you an MLP:FIM fan?
  3. Yeah, they were both really sad, and didn't fit the characters, but I think Rockstar knew what option most people would pick, and so put the most time into developing that ending.
  4. Haha same man, have you looked up the other endings on YouTube ? The one where Franklin kills Michael is just heartbreaking...

    Eh, probably the same as me tbh. Right now I've got a Wii U, and that won't be changing for a while.
  5. Well done for passing Was decile does this put you in? I'm sure you'll be fine

    :nah: Applying for mainly engineering internships :yep: Fingers crossed I get one
  6. Sounding good :yy: Loads of protein I'm guessing?

    Yeah I'm alright, doing job applications for the summer atm to prepare myself for grad schemes :yep: Med going well?
  7. :wavey: How's everything on your side of the wall? (Phone too far away )
  8. Your applicant profile is inspiring
  9. Yeah, I was the same, online never did much for me... But I loved Single player, what option did you choose ?

    Have you decided if it's to be a PS4 or XOne yet ?
  10. Alright Scott ? You enjoying GTAV ?

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