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  1. From the sense that bbs often have advice on how to cut as they have to cut for competitions . I know, however if I was stricter I'd be able to lose weight more efficiently whilst maintaing muscle.
    Because I don't really feel comfortable in the weights section of the gym with all this flab.
  2. Weight loss. I am fairly knowledable on bodybuilding nutrition etc.
    I was going to stronglifts and follow a carb cycling diet (no carbs exect on gyms days and then only after workouts) but my gym doesn't have a squat rack. Of course I could use dumbells when the squats got too heavy and for now 5x5 just requires light weights but I just used that as an excuse...
    So, I thought the DVDs would be a good investment . I'll still try to go to the gym and I have a sort of routin plan but my main thing will be Insanity. It cost about £105 I think.
  3. Insanity, sorry. It's this popular workout sold by a company called Beachbody.
  4. I've bought INsanity
  5. do you even lift?
  6. Lmaooo strong religious gym reference :rofl:
  7. hey,

    i recently submitted a medical PS to the tsr, had it looked at by bethanyJ but now I have redrafted it, do i post in the same private thread or make a new application on the ps help page?

    Thanks in advance
  8. Yeah its a good way of keeping track of everything. i would do the same but pretty busy, after I workout its like 8pm then i have work to do etc and pretty busy overall thats why I am hardly on here aswell. I lift brah i lift pls beleaf I'm getting back into it after injury so need to recover my gains lol.
  9. Haha lol glad you liked it I like how in depth your log is man, you put in time on that :top:
  10. you cheeky person

    There is no other way to pee except sitting down for optimal cleanliness imo.

    Also I really need to think about each and every post before I post it now

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