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  1. (Original post by Morgsie)
    I am debating whether or not I run
    Morgan don't be stupid. My sources at Keele tell me you're back in with the union crowd. If you remember, you had to leave Keele in the first place because you can't manage your time.

    Your life is hard enough. Get a bloody degree. Ignore everything else.
  2. Er, why the Catherine Ashton avatar?
  3. Cheers :cool:
  4. sorry for posting twice, accidental
  5. As the spokesperson for transport, do you think it would be possible to re-nationalise the railways?
  6. As the spokesperson for transport, do you think it would be possible to re-nationalise the railways?
  7. hi Morgsie just sent u a pm lol
  8. happy belated birthday morgsie m8 ^_^ hope u are well
  9. Happy birthday old bean.
  10. Hope u are well Morgsie ^_^

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  • About Morgsie

    Where I study
    Keele University
    Star Sign
    About me
    From the South Coast originally./

    I am good with dates, facts and figures due to a having a Learning Difficulty. In the center of the political spectrum. Outspoken, not afraid to air my views.

    I know a lot of info. I am really interested in the EU, UK Constitution, Rail Policy.

    Besides Politics, I like to read books (not just politics but fiction aswell), video games and watching film and TV.

    Not afraid to speak my mind
    Academic Info
    Studying BA(Hons) Politics: 2008-11 and 2012-14
    Reading, Current Affairs/Politics, Liberal Democrats, Watching TV, watching films, Rail Policy, Social Policy, the European Union, the UK Constitution
    Positions held
    Previous postions:
    TSR Liberal Democrat Education Spokesman (March 2011-October 2011)
    TSR Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesman (October 2011-March 2011)
    TSR Liberal Democrat Spokesman on Europe (January 2012-March 2012)
    TSR Liberal Democrat Spokesman on Equalities (January 2012-March 2012)
    TSR Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader (November 2011- February 2012)
    MHOC Secretary of State for Transport (October 2011- February 2012)
    MHOC Deputy Prime Minister and Lord President of the Council (February 2012)
    TSR Liberal Democrat Acting Spokesman on Transport (May-June 2012)
    TSR Liberal Democrat Leader ( February 2012-June 2012)
    TSR Liberal Democrat Spokesman on Constitutional Reform and the Civil Service ( April 2012-July 2012)
    Lib Dem Transport Spokesman (July 2012- February 2013)
    MUN EU Rep (April 2012-january 2013)
    MUN Baltic Partnership Secretariat (May 2012-January 2013)
    MUN Portugal Rep (May 2012-January 2013)
    MUN EU Bloc Secretariat (May 2012-January 2013)

    Current positions:

    MUN Attorney General (since August 2012)
    MUN Germany Rep (Since May 2013)

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