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    :hahaha: you so lame, I'm your first visitor to leave a message

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    B.Sc (Hons) Accounting and Financial Management
    Diploma in Professional Studies
    Anime Soc!
    eugenius 8 :borat: Aiko :awesome: caraniel :hugs: -M$ Ultr@- :flowers:
    Truered :desu: vin :fuhrer: Kagutsuchi :nyoron: Liquidus Zeromus :lollypop:
    Atherilia :girl: JWH :woo: skipp :top: The_Pudding_Earl :security:
    AngryJellyfish :waffo: Juno :parrot: Cooro :emog: Sephirona :jive:
    123mccann :nosebleed: Yuuki :loveduck: kestral :cheers:

    360 Soc! aka The Leaguey Weagies!
    Jayk :five: Dinendal Leralonde :poke: OiaB :love: Comrade_Jack :surprise:

    WoW Soc! TSR Superheroes!
    Mithra :ninja: Yuffie :rip: samba :puppyeyes: 3105 :lovedup: Jabbamuffin :no:

    Muse Soc! You crazy kids!
    Stray_talk :lovie: Dil-Emma :drool: museobsessed :teeth: Melting Sugar :boing:
    JohnnySPal :holmes:
    (Original post by ~Waffo~)
    Jehuty wishes he knew how to quit overcompensated mecha
    (Original post by eugenius 8)
    yeah me and Jeh :blush:
    (Original post by Matisse)
    Needless to say I seldom dish out compliments but you're my type of guy! :o:
    (Original post by 123mccann)
    I actually love you Jehuty. :coma:
    (Original post by -M$ Ultr@-)
    He's mine. :coma: :teeth:
    (Original post by eugenius 8)
    indeed, no one is badder than Jeh :cool:
    (Original post by OiaB)
    mirror's edge looks hawt.
    like Jehu :love:
    (Original post by eugenius 8)
    youre the sexiest male alive Jeh :lolwut:
    (Original post by Stray_talk)
    Jehu you is my hero *swoon*
    (Original post by caraniel)
    Just like Euge has odd sleeping hours, Jeh has strange eating times
    (Original post by Stray_talk)
    Jehu, you make me jizz in my pants.
    (Original post by Matisse)
    I would advise masturbating before it's too late... You might leave this earth discontent. :sadnod:
    (Original post by eugenius 8)
    Come in my caaavee...Jehu :teeth:
    (Original post by Stray_talk)
    I spend hours staring at his profile pic :moon:
    (Original post by caraniel)
    Jeh is sexy too :emog:
    (Original post by ~bubbles~)
    Jehu covered in cheesecake :teeth:
    (Original post by Dil-Emma)
    (Original post by Jabbamuffin)
    Listen to Jehu everyone, he's a smart guy. :cool:
    (Original post by Matisse)
    Jeh-tan isn't stalking me, but I wish he would. :teeth:

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