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  1. Banker91
    hey can i have a look at your cv?
  2. Hi Bloodbath,

    I just saw in a thread that you had a Gleacher Shacklock phone interview and was wondering if you could enlighten me as to how you found it? Any information would be extremely appreciated as I am quite nervous (my first ever phone interview!), what kind of questions were they asking (mixture of fit/technical?)?

  3. how have u managed to get there e-mails? ive got a list of hedge fund but no numbers or e-mail...
  4. hey
    Have you had any luck with sending your CV to hedge funds??
  5. Bloodbath

    Yeah I am in this film clip- just wondering if it was a dog originally
  6. wow your a 21 year old trying to chat up a 16 year old online, pedo much?
  7. surina_xxx
    Yep definitely
  8. surina_xxx
    nope they just need to have a nice maintained body
  9. surina_xxx
    o dear!
  10. Roflmao im 6"2 minor you wouldnt even be able to hurt me u seem to be on the fat side mate oh and you and you 16 inch bicepes .... You cant measured your biceps without also measuing your triceps since your measuring the circumference of your arm you get me? even then your minor leme go measure mine haha and your no where near being a bad boy if your tryin to chat up a girl online show your pic and i will respect you....

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