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  1. Hey, I know this is like... 3 months late - I just haven't been checking TSR. I'm from the Wirral. Where are you from?
  2. Oooh PPE, High level stuff. Gonna become an MP in future?

    LOOOOOL, Am I really? If your'e referring to my TSR friends list I knew Jaiistarh is black but I am pretty sure ConfusedOutcast is Indian and I have no idea what Choccilatte looks like
  3. well i did get the 3 a's ....
  4. Thanks man! I always try to be as entertaining as possible!
    Whereabouts are you from? I'm from London
  5. hello
  6. well hello there
  7. Oh right,what were you reading?
    I got back in at about 4.30 this morning,and I couldn't sleep,so I logged onto TSR (as you do) then I started falling asleep at the PC screen,so I jumped back into bed shortly after I wrote you earlier.
    Aww how sweet of you. Nice looking out
    What career path do you want to go down again? I'm sure you told me,but it's slipped my mind.
    The name actually sounds familiar,I am sure there are a few of her books lying around my house somewhere,but I will definitely look into her some more.
    Ha oh please,any female who looks up to Rihanna or Nicki Minaj is a retard and a lost cause.
  8. Just how I like it? LOL Oh pleasee. How about you introduce me to some of your friends...Ey,ey,ey
    Wow,you're right,that is not far away at all.That is crazy. It would also be extremely interesting to see if and how peoples attitudes change after the shift into a multi-polar world.
  9. That's true. There is still a long way to go though.....But what a great day that would be lol.
    LOL You can look as much as you like,go wild I hardly talk to anyone on TSR though,so I don't know how we would go about arranging this little party :P
  10. Lol why are you browsing my friends anyway,you stalker.
    But nooo,not at all. I like men. Not females. That's never going to change....No matter how annoying men are at times lol.
    Hahaha I think it will take a bit more than a fall in the Western markets to make the racists idiots on TSR re-evaluate their attitude.

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